What moves you?  What carries us towards tomorrow? Where will you find yourself? I believe every cloud has its silver lining and that each day can reveal its own uniquity- from family, friend, and lover to sky, ocean, and mountain. I try to share that everyday beauty in my artwork, as each morning brings a new day with new beginnings and new horizons.
Welcome to Sky30, an art studio where I create with wood, water, pigment & joy.
With a lot of imagination and a little sweat, I can give used or tossed out hardwoods a new life. I’ve scavenged and gathered my local sources to create original artwork and accessories that I strive to be both beautiful and affordable. By redesigning, rethinking, and of course recycling, we reduce our impact on the planet for future generations. Please visit the image galleries of my reclaimed wood art, plywood art, watercolors and my opening Sky30 series (coming soon) As a graduate from the University of Florida with a bachelors in Interior Design,  I do still offer my design services- please contact me for more details and if you'd like to see my portfolio of past projects! So why the name Sky30? Turning thirty- a huge milestone, transition, and shift in one’s life journey. Putting to use the tools I’ve learned, the courage I’ve earned, with a nod to the past. Do I take the next chapter on foot, or take flight?     Well........
'Excuse me while I kiss the sky,' or even better, come join me... and get inspired.